• If you have an IMMEDIATE NEED for Narcan (naloxone), you may receive it at any pharmacy in NYS without a prescription or by contacting one of the local Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs listed at NARCAN | OC Opioid Task Force.

How to Order Narcan (Naloxone) By Mail:

  • Step 1: Watch one of the short training videos below.

  • Step 2: After watching one of the training videos below, click on the link “OCHD Mail-in Narcan Form” and fill out the form

  • You're all set! We'll mail you your kit as soon as possible.

Additional Information:

  • Please note that the Health Department is only able to fill one order per person and ship to addresses within Oneida County, NY.
  • The OCHD may contact you, using the mobile number and/or email address you provided at checkout, to:
    • Determine if you have used naloxone in responding to an opioid overdose;
    • Notify you when your naloxone is about to expire;
    • Confirm shipment of a naloxone refill; and
    • Alert you to important Opioid Task Force news.
  • Please note that due to postal service slowdowns and volume of orders some orders may be delayed.

Training Video Options:


1. NYS OASAS PROJECT COPE: How to Reverse and Opioid Overdose Video


2. NARCAN Training Video (Below):



3. Narcan Training - ACR Health Syringe Exchange Program & NYSDOH (Below):