"Overdose deaths are preventable. We have the tools we need to stop people from dying from drugs.  Nearly 110,000 people have died due to drug overdose in the last year. That’s about one death every 5 minutes"

- Harm Reduction Coalition



The Oneida County Overdose Fatality Review (OFR) Team engages representatives from a broad cross section of the public health system including government, public health, health care, mental health, treatment, recovery, law enforcement, education, social services and other community-based organizations. 

A core Data Collection & Planning Team from Oneida County Government (County Executive's Office, Health Dept., Law Dept., Mental Health and Planning Dept.) supports the OFR Team implementation.

Our Focus

The OFR Team shared understanding that overdose deaths are preventable and addiction is a disease that should be addressed without stigma and shame, guides the entire OFR process.