Monitoring overdoses and emerging drug threats, and mobilizing cross-systems responses.

Overdose Response Team
Overdose Response Team

About Our Team

The Overdose Response Team is a subgroup of Task Force members that implements overdose and drug trend surveillance using ODMAP, Medical Examiner and other drug trend intel, deploys peer recovery specialists to people who overdose, identifies spikes and issues spike alerts to the community and mobilizes rapid responses to identified spikes and threats. The ORT serves as the data collection and analysis hub for the Opioid Task Force; their objective is to ensure that data and information is shared broadly and used to drive Task Force strategies and actions.

Housed within the Overdose Response Team is also a small data subteam that focuses exclusively on data collection and analysis, and reports back to the Overdose Response Team and the larger task force when necessary.

Spike Alerts By Text

To sign up for real-time overdose spike alerts, text SPIKE to 1-855-963-5669.

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If you or a loved one is in need of help, please visit the link below for more information.

Opioid Task Force

Members in Action

August, 2021

ACR Health, as part of Oneida County’s Street Engagement Team, hard at work offering services to people in Oneida Square.

August, 2021
Oneida Square